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October 25 2017

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Polaroid - Final Fantasy XV

Prompto Noctis Ignis Gladiolus

HBD Prompto! :)) 2017ver.


whatever happened to liking villains for being villains why do fans of villains have to constantly defend their behavior and excuse it why can’t people ever go “you know what he fucked up here and is evil and has done evil shit but you know what it makes for an interesting character” stop trying to make these villains be good if canonically they’re not shown to actually be good people let villains be villains




“When [Theodore Roosevelt] began his campaigns for a higher white birthrate, his daughter Alice mocked him by forming the Race Suicide Club, in which she and her friends exchanged birth control information.”

Lmao, this is apparently true.

“I can be president or I can control Alice, I can not possibly be expected to do both” - Teddy Roosevelt.

Alice Roosevelt was a badass


Me: Alright, brain, we have two tasks to do. One of them is more time sensitive, but working on the other will be more fun. Which should I start on?

My brain: Do fucking nothing for 72 hours

Me: Understandable, have a nice day


i support the irish lesbian witch whose soul chose hozier as a vessel to write music about her and her undead gf

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Lesbian Parents with their son, San Francisco [n.d.]

who names their kid san francisco

Lesbians, obviously

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An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln during his brief stint as a paranormal investigator, ca. 1863

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he smile


Hey. I love this character. When I first saw him I assumed he was going to be yet another shitty mentor who doesn’t actually care that much about the wellbeing and safety of his students but he is actually one of the kindest, most pure hearted anime mentors I have ever seen!

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Quite possibly the best piece of slash fan art ever.


i need a group chat with my parallel universe me’s im getting worried abt them

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hi i hate this


I love that Parker and Sophie were clearly talking at least a little after they scattered post-season 1, because Parker knew about the boyfriend. So, if Sophie was telling Parker about the boyfriend, then Parker was probably telling Sophie about letting Hardison chase her around the world, right? That makes me super happy. They have such a great relationship. On top of that, Sophie obviously spoke to each of them at least enough to invite them to her Sound of Music show, so she was probably talking to Hardison at least off and on over the break too, since Hardison is way more likely to actually regularly converse with her than Nate or Eliot. Sooooo, what if he was complaining about Parker being too dang hard to catch? I feel like hopeless romatic/ENFP/idealist Sophie would be in hog heaven being right in the center of the round the world Pretzels chase, but that’s just me. :-)


No matter how many lasagna’s you stack on top of each other, ultimately it’s always just one lasagna.

Pretty sure I drove through Night Vale on my way home tonight.



“We invite the children of same-sex couples to listen,” said the radio announcer. “We invite the children of different-sex couples to listen. We do NOT invite the Children of the Corn to listen.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” a different voice cut in. “Some of our best friends are…” *realized what he was saying was ridiculous* “… corn.”

that’s just how living in the mid west be


Adult realization: you will make mistakes, you will act irrationally. You will commit some wrongs that cannot be fully righted. People will dislike you and misunderstand you for all sorts of reasons. None of these make you a bad person. All you can do is try your best to be kind and just to people, grow and learn.




so last night my nightmare was that i was doing adult stuff writing checks, and in the part of the check where you say the amount of money in words, i wrote “fifty dollars fucking exactly”, and then spent the rest of the nightmare stressing about whether the bank takes checks with cussing in them or not

the next time i see @loononthepond in real life i am handing her a check for “two dollars fucking exactly” and we will report back with results

Fiance worked at a bank and says they definitely took checks with swearing as long as they could read the “Fifty Dollars” part.

He once had someone hand him a check for “seventy-six dollars and twelve cents, I hope you choke on it asshole” with an additional “travel expenses, to hell” in the “for” section.

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