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February 08 2018


I ordered a blonde flat white from Starbucks while on my break and the barista must have been having a long day bc he goes “that would be my stripper name” and there was like five seconds of dead silence between us before he looked up realized he said that out loud

The Aftermath


Can you imagine being the hotel staff that cleans up the suite in China where Katsuki and Nikiforov stayed? Like, she and her coworker have seen the TV broadcasts, they’ve seen the interviews, they’ve seen Eros and The Kiss! They’re ready for a royal mess, and a host of things about celebrities’ sex lives that they did not wanna know. Instead, they find:

–A notepad clearly used for ice-skating themed Pictionary. For some reason, only a sparkly blue and sparkly pink pen were used. There was also an argument about something named “Makkachin”– with Katsuki Makkachin and Makkachin Nikiforov alternating with strike-outs until, inexplicably, there’s just a drawing of a poodle wearing a traditional Russian ushanka. (”Fine, you win, you win, you win!” Yuuri had giggle-gasped. Neither of them had dared write what they truly desired Makkachin’s name to be: Makkachin Katsuki-Nikiforov.)

–A half-consumed bag of dog treats, even though there was never a dog in the hotel?? “Do you think… international hero Viktor Nikiforov eats dog treats?” She whispers to her coworker, but he was raised in Russia, so he throws a dusting rag at her and hisses “SACRILEGE”

–Two towels that reek of chlorine (even though it’s the dead of winter), two towels with both silver and black hair (”Towel sharing? But why?” She asks, and honestly, Yuuri had asked the same question. “Do you not want to?” Viktor had responded, plaintively, and upon evaluation, Yuuri realized he wanted to share everything), and finally… two hand towels folded up into elegant, three-dimensional designs. One is distinctly sloppier than the other– Viktor is still a distracted student sometimes, especially when being taught any skill by Katsuki Yuuri, Distraction Extraordinaire.

–Embarrassingly obvious tracks in the carpet that show both beds being dragged about before settling into the middle of the room. Now the beds rest innocently back in their normal positions. …and they’re not fooling anyone.

–A handwritten thank-you note from Katsuki Yuuri himself, detailing how pleasant and comfortable their stay was and referencing the desk clerk by name– along with a generous tip. That part is from Viktor. There’s another part from Viktor, too– a hastily scribbled secret. Yuuri was raised in a family hotel, and his parents asked that travelers leave notes in the rooms! He thinks everyone does this <3 ISN’T HE THE CUTEST–

The rest of the note is too excitedly penned to make out clearly.

“I need to post it online,” her coworkers whispers faintly. “Everything.”

“They’re obviously angels,” she hisses, “don’t you DARE make a spectacle out of them!”

Reporters assume all hotel staff keep their lips tightly sealed about Katsuki and Nikiforov out of professionalism– or a really good bribe. 

Honestly, it’s just that good old Katsuki-Nikiforov charm.

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—Can the word “handsome” be used for Lolita girls?
—Definitely! >>> https://www.lolitawardrobe.com/c/ouji-lolita_0364

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Looks like we have the go ahead to post our contributions to the Dorian artbook. Here’s mine. :) I hope you guys like it. Looking back though I really wish I’d have gone with a closer shot like my other Dorian piece. :/ Hindsight.

I really want to thank everyone that helped to make this project a success. All the people behind it’s creation as well as the people that supported it. Thanks to everyone it was a huge success and I only hope that it did some good. I only wish I could have done more or better because I think my piece pales in comparison to the others in the book. <3 I got my pdf copy of the book and all the artists really knocked it out of the park. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and thank you David Gaider for writing our forward. It meant the world.

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February 07 2018





we are always talking about the fbi man watching us through our webcam but what about the fbi woman? #feminism

the fbi woman spying on us:

So the female FBI agent is basically ‘the girl reading this’ we’ve been talking about all the time oh my god

This is the best meme connection in a while

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i mean alright



lads had a dream last night that i was at the elton john concert and halfway through crocodile rock he switched to a prince medley and real live flesh and blood prince walked out on stage, and into the stunned, hushed silence i said quietly, “i thought you were dead” and he looked straight at me through the crowds of a million people, put his mouth against the mic, and said “do i look like the kind of man who dies” absolute legend 

This wasn’t a dream this was a premonition


the difference between dave strider and rose lalonde is the difference between “what do u think gods fursona is” and “I think God’s fursona is us.



reminder that Frodo as a child was a mushroom-stealing delinquent 


That part of the book is criminally overlooked…. Thievery runs in the family

Fun Random Facts About the LOTR Soundtrack



  • Most composers spend just 10-12ish weeks working on a film’s music. John Williams spent around 14 weeks on each Star Wars movie, 40ish weeks total for the whole OT……but composing the LOTR trilogy’s soundtrack took four years
  • The vocals you hear in the soundtrack are usually in one of Tolkien’s languages (esp. Elvish). The English translations of the lyrics are all poems, or quotes from the book, or occasionally even quotes from other parts of the films that are relevant to the scene
  • When there were no finished scenes for him to score, Howard Shore would develop musical themes inspired by the scripts or passages from the book. That’s how he got all Middle-Earth locations have their own unique sound: he was able to compose drafts of “what Gondor would sound like” and “what Lorien would sound like” long before any scenes in those places were filmed
  • Shore has said his favorite parts to score were always the little heartfelt moments between Frodo and Sam
  • Shore wrote over 100 unique leitmotifs/musical themes to represent specific people, places, and things in Middle Earth (over 160 if you count The Hobbit)
  • The ones we all talk about are the Fellowship theme, the main Shire Theme, and the themes for places like Gondor, Mordor, Rohan, and Rivendell…but a lot of the more subtle ones get overlooked and underappreciated
  • Like Aragorn’s theme. It’s a lot less “obvious” than the others because, like Aragorn himself, it adapts to take on the color of whatever place Aragorn is in: it’s played on dramatic broody stringed instruments in Bree, on horns in  battle scenes, softly on the flute with Arwen in Rivendell….
  • Eowyn has not just one but three different leitmotifs to represent her
  • Gollum and Smeagol both have their own leitmotifs! Whose theme music is playing in the scene can often tell you whether the Gollum or Smeagol side is “winning” at the moment
  • Shore wanted the theme music to grow alongside the characters– so that as the characters changed, their theme music would change with them.  
  • You can hear that most clearly in the Shire theme. Like the hobbits, it goes through A Lot 
  • Like compare the childish lil penny whistle theme you hear in Concerning Hobbits/the beginning of FOTR with (throws a dart at random Beautiful Tragic Hobbit Character Development scene because there WAY TOO MANY to choose from) the scene when Pippin finds Merry on the battlefield, where you hear a kind of shattered and broken but more mature version of that same theme in the background 
  • I could write you a book on how much I love the way the Shire theme grows across the course of these films 
  • Unlike the hero’s themes, which constantly change and grow, the villain’s themes (The One Ring theme, the Isengard theme, etc) remain basically the same from the very beginning of FOTR to the end of ROTK. Shore said this was an intentional choice: to emphasize that evil is static, while good is capable of change
  • Shore has said that between all the music that made into the movies and the music that didn’t, he composed enough for “a month of continuous listening”……..where can I sign up




This may be the single most hilarious youtube thumbnail I’ve seen in a very long time

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The chimera I designed for our new LEGO show. I cannot express how much of a labor of love this was. It took over 100 hours just to design, let alone build and is one of the largest and most complex sculptures I’ve done.

Fun fact: This model used every single LEGO color available in standard brick.

please for the love of god tell me this is glued together because even the hypothetical possibility of someone knocking it over is giving me four heart attacks

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im really mad at how accurate this is

A moment of silence for our fallen bearded brother who sacrificed himself for the sake of this disgustingly accurate illustration.



history is fucked up and it sucks because all the people in it who had great viable werewolf names weren’t werewolves. like what the shit. if you knew nothing about history or literature i guess or whatever you’d see names like “virginia woolf” and “oscar wilde” and be like. ah yes. these are definitely some prime secret werewolf poorly masquerading as human intellectual situations? but neither of those people were real live werewolves, factually speaking? they did not take advantage of that opportunity. and i think we are all worse off for it actually 

I have a degree in history and I can say with some degree of scholarly confidence that you cannot definitively prove either of these people were not secret werewolves

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cinematic parallels

every character clint makes has either the middle name or title of Fuckin’. you heard it here first folks

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In the hands of Spanish sculptor Gerard Mas 15th century ladies (and the occasional gentleman) exchange their Renaissance poise for modern day whimsy and sarcasm. Each marble sculpture depicts a period figure doing something decidedly uncharacteristic for their time, such as chewing gum, picking their nose, enjoying a lollipop, sporting tattoos or bikini tan lines, and doing a headstand.

“I thought about the millions of attitudes and situations that old artworks couldn’t capture because they were simply inappropriate for a lady in the 15th century,” Mas says. “I decided to try to do it in an old media and style. It was something like an invented old art. After that, the anachronisms came and pop elements, too, as a natural evolution.”

Follow Gerard Mas on Instagram to check out more of his delightfully anachronistic sculptures.


[via Bored Panda]

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The comments and responses on this post are amazing

I’m c r y i n g

Oh my godddd

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